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How it Works

Register Now for Contactless Delivery to Student Room

This is the only delivery method authorized for packages to arrive prior to August 1st!

The Home2Home Program offered through The UPS Store will provide you delivery of UPS shipments not just to the University, but you will also get complimentary, contactless delivery right into your dorm room at the same low retail rate.

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    Create an Account

    Get started by creating an account, verify the account creation via your valid email, and sign in! Once you have signed in, follow the steps to fill out your required profile information.

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    Make order selection

    Select a boxkit to order or choose to ship with your own boxes if you do not wish to purchase a whole kit through us.

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    Pack it all up!

    Pack your items following the UPS packaging guidelines! This will ensure safe delivery of your packages to your new home on campus at CU.

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    Request shipping labels and/or Home Pickup

    When you are completed with packing and your boxes are ready for shipping, log back into your account to input box information. Click on Request Labels and/or Home Pick Up. The UPS Store at CU will contact you directly via email or phone to schedule a UPS pick up and send you your labels.

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    Let us do the work for you

    Your packages will be shipped to The UPS Store at CU. Upon delivery, you will receive an email that your packages have arrived to the store. The boxes will then be delivered to your room in your assigned residence hall prior to move in.

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    Enjoy campus life

    Unpack and relax. Welcome to your new home!

Program Highlights

Have your packages picked up at your home.

This option eliminates the need to put your boxes in the car and bring them to the store to ship. It also eliminates the need to stand in line at The UPS Store to pick them up when you arrive at school. Why not take advantage of the only Contactless Delivery option available on campus?

Select "Request Labels and/or Home Pick Up" when your boxes are ready for pick up at your home.

Upon receipt of your request, an associate from The UPS Store will contact you and CREATE LABELS that will be emailed to you. You will print and affix the labels to the boxes.

A pickup will be scheduled and a UPS driver will pick up your boxes. If you would prefer to drop off the items yourself, you may do so at your local The UPS Store.

This program is run locally by The UPS Store at CU. All processing, charging, and delivery will be done through The UPS Store on your campus. Log in to register and complete all necessary information. One of our friendly associates will work directly with you to provide estimates and shipping labels.